Osteopathic Continous Certification

Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC)

AOBPM OCC Information

Greetings AOBPM diplomates –

If you wish to register to begin Component 4, the first step will be to remit $400 for the first three year cycle to the American Osteopathic Board of Preventive Medicine either by check payable to AOBPM or credit card (click here for credit card form), or pay online. Please contact AOBPM for the next step at 800-621-1773, extension 8263 or at aobpm@osteopathic.org.

Completion of this component must be accomplished within 2 years, otherwise you will have to start the process over again.

Thank you!

Board Recertification

Recertification examinations are required every nine (9) years for all Board Certified individuals who have received Certification after January 1, 1994. Lifetime diplomates are encouraged, but not required, to take recertification examinations.

Board recertification examinations are traditionally offered twice yearly, in the spring and fall.

CME Requirements

Candidates are required to accumulate 120 CME hours every 3 years. The required CME category is as follows:

  • 30 hours in Category 1-A
  • 90 hours in Category 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
  • 50 hours must be in a primary specialty

Note regarding the primary specialty hours: if certified at the start of the CME cycle he/she is required to complete 50 credits in their specialty.  If certified within the first year of the cycle the physician is required to complete 34 credits, if certified the second year of the CME cycle they are required to complete 17 credits,  and the last year of the CME cycle zero hours are required.

Examination Preparation

The AOBPM does not endorse any board review course for use in preparing to take the certification examination in Preventive Medicine. Many organizations provide intensive board review courses which can be taken in preparation for the boards. The AOBPM table of specifications is published on our website and can be used to determine if the content of a board review is sufficient to cover the listed topics.




Component 4 PPA Attestation Form
OCC Fee Credit Card Form
OCC Volunteer Form for Non-Time Limited Certificate Holders

AOBPM Component 4 Documents

The AOBPM will require that the osteopathic physician successfully complete one (1) PPA module in each 10 year OCC cycle. The O-CAT Communications module may be required during the 10 year cycle.

The following documents related to AOBPM Component 4 will be given upon remittance of the required fee.

  • Aerospace
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Work Ability
  • Environmental Health/Toxicology
  • Clinical Preventive Medicine/Community Medicine

American Osteopathic Association General OCC Information

Letter from the Secretary/Treasurer – May 2012

Letter from the Secretary/Treasurer – June 2012

Osteopathic Continuous Certification Overview on the AOA website

Learn more about OCC by downloading the PowerPoint presentation from a recent webinar featuring Ronald E. Ayres, DO, and Stephen Scheinthal, DO.

Download an OCC brochure here

OCC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)