For the Public

Information for the Public

Would you like to know more about osteopathic medicine? Click here to access helpful information from the AOA’s website.

Would you like to find a DO who practices Preventive Medicine your area? Click here to access the AOA’s “Find a DO” online search function.

Healthcare Organizations & Credentials Verification Organizations
Do you need to verify an osteopathic physician’s credentials? To obtain a physician profile, contact the AOA Information Association at 800-621-1773, extension 8145, or via email.  The profile is the official form for verification of certification awarded by the American Osteopathic Association.

Diplomate of the Board
If you are a diplomate in good standing, please use to send your profile to one or more state licensure boards. You may also request a copy of your profile via email. For security reasons, viewing your profile via the web is prohibited.