Subspecialty in Occupational Medicine

To be eligible to receive Subspecialty Certification in Occupational Medicine from the AOA through the AOBPM, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  1. Maintain general certification through any AOA-approved primary specialty board.
  2. Hold a valid, unrestricted license to practice medicine in a state or territory of the United States, or a province of Canada.
  3. Document an initial 100 hours of postgraduate training within the past five (5) years in the area of special interest (occupational medicine). At a minimum, 50 hours will be category I. Alternatively, show successful completion of the American Osteopathic College of Occupational and Preventive Medicine’s (AOCOPM) Occupational Medicine Basic Course, or a review course that is comparable.
  4. Submit letters from managers, administrators and/or from industrial clients (industries, schools, hospitals, etc.) for whom you provide services. These letters should clearly describe the services provided.
  5. Submit two (2) letters of recommendations from persons, preferably colleagues, competent in your area of subspecialty interest.
  6. Those who wish to sit for the subspecialty certification examination must formally apply. This application must be received by the AOBPM no later than 60 days prior to the examination date established by the AOBPM.  Applications for subspecialty certification are available on our website or can be requested from AOBPM staff.
  7. Subspecialty certificates are time-limited to 9 (nine) years only. Those with Subspecialty Certificatgion in Occupational Medicine must reapply to sit for the examination. This is not a Osteopathic Continuous Certification process, but a requirement to sit again for primary Subspecialty Certification exam.

Additional Subspecialty Certifications are offered in:

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 2.  Correctional Medicine- For more information, please visit the Correctional Medicine website.